Work with us for transcription and translation projects

We welcome professional transcolators (transcriber-translators) who have good touch-typing skills and translation experience. We also greet cooperating with people with disabilities, including blind and low-sighted translators who have professional typing and translation skills. In order to join our team of audio / video / text transcribers, translators and subtitle writers, you need the following qualifications:

Touch-Typing for transcribing films

Not for text-translation, but for film and audio transcription, you need to be a fast touch-typist who is able to type with 10 fingers without looking at keyboard. We ask our team members to pass an online typing test and send us the results. They should type faster than 150KPM. For the people without vision, we have our own typing test software.

Translation experience and English language proficiency

All team-members should be fluent in English and have good experience in translation. We ask new members to send us a few pages of their previous English texts, which they have written or translated themselves without the help of other people or any secondary editing / proof-reading.

Experience or Training Background in markett-research transcription

Most of our projects have to do with transcribing the focus-group discussions (FGD), in-depth interviews (IDI) and home-visits (HV)( of marketing research projects. Those who like to do audio-transcription in the field of marketing research should be trained and certified for this purpose. We train the qualified transcolators free of charge, or ask them to give us some samples of their previous FGD transcription (at least one hour of FGD). We also give the trainees the silver version of our special software (Ez-Transcribe) free of charge. For blind transcribers, we have particular training and accessibility features in the software.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further info.


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