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We welcome professional transcolators (transcriber-translators) who have good touch-typing skills and translation experience. We also greet cooperating with people with disabilities, including blind and low-sighted translators who have professional typing and translation skills. In order to join our team of audio / video / text transcribers, translators and subtitle writers, you need the following qualifications:

Touch-Typing for transcribing films

Not for text-translation, but for film and audio transcription, you need to be a fast touch-typist who is able to type with 10 fingers without looking at keyboard. We ask our team members to pass an online typing test and send us the results. They should type faster than 150KPM. For the people without vision, we have our own typing test software.

Translation experience and English language proficiency

All team-members should be fluent in English and have good experience in translation. We ask new members to send us a few pages of their previous English texts, which they have written or translated themselves without the help of other people or any secondary editing / proof-reading.

Experience or Training Background in markett-research transcription

Most of our projects have to do with transcribing the focus-group discussions (FGD), in-depth interviews (IDI) and home-visits (HV)( of marketing research projects. Those who like to do audio-transcription in the field of marketing research should be trained and certified for this purpose. We train the qualified transcolators free of charge, or ask them to give us some samples of their previous FGD transcription (at least one hour of FGD). We also give the trainees the silver version of our special software (Ez-Transcribe) free of charge. For blind transcribers, we have particular training and accessibility features in the software.

Qualified Audio Transcribers Needed

We accept qualified transcribers from all languages, and we try to cooperate with them in the long run, but our long-term cooperation depends on their transcription rates, quality of work and punctuality. They can work at flexible times. They are also free to choose easier or harder assignments, but we expect on-time delivery for the jobs they accept.

An Opportunity to Earn Better via Transcription Jobs

Learn the best quality of audio-transcription with our unique guidelines, so to earn better by widening your transcolation market.

A Career with Iran Nopendar

We are most interested in working with the people who pass our training courses, learn how to use our transcription software, and get our audio-transcription certificate. We do not charge anything for providing the training course. We also give a certificate and a silver version of our software to the people who pass the course.

Current Job Openings

We need certified or qualified transcribers of all languages. We are trying to add new languages to our portfolio, so to seize a larger share of transcription market. Even if you do not work with Iran Nopendar, learning audio-transcription with high speed and superb quality is a valuable skill that helps you improve your income as a translator.

Continuous Growth and Learning

In addition to passing the initial training course, you will keep learning new transcription techniques over the course of our long-term cooperation. Passing the training course means you will find one hour of FGD in your own language from YouTube or other resources, and transcribe it in an incremental way using our software (You will transcribe 1 minute in the beginning, then 2 minutes, then 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, till the end of the file). For each segment, we give you feedback on how to improve your work quality and how to conform your work to our guidelines, so the final transcript will comfort with our standards, because we provide superb quality of transcription. The incremental method for the first time helps you learn our tips and tricks, and helps us know more about your strengths and weaknesses, so to help you improve your work quality to the most.
If you do not like to pass the training course, we ask you to offer your previous work samples. If you do not have any work sample, or the previous samples are not available, or not acceptable, we apologize because we cannot cooperate with the people who are not willing to learn.

Work from Home Without Any Special Hardware Needed

The only hardware you need for audio transcription is a PC or laptop with a good keyboard and an over-the-ear headphone. you do not need any foot-pedal, because the interval-playback feature in our software is an alternative for the pedal. External standard keyboards with 1cm key height are preferred to the laptop keyboard with 0.5cm key height.

We Love Our Transcribers

We have a friendly team, and we seize the opportunity of our training course to make new friends with professional translators. If you are a qualified market research transcriber, please send us a sample of 1 hour of FGD transcript, with a time-tag in the end of the text file, so we know how many minutes are equal to how many words in your work. We do not need the audio file, we just want the text file. If you do not have previous work samples, or the samples are not available, or you are willing to learn our techniques and guidelines, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Let’s Become a Professional Audio-Transcriber

We have on-going projects of audio transcription, particularly in Persian and Arabic languages. We do not promise working with every transcriber who submits a sample or becomes certified, but we do promise that you will enjoy the course and become a professional transcriber in a few days, who receives a certification and improves his/her income over the course of time via this new skill-set, and will get qualified for cooperating with every transcription center in the world that requires his/her original and target language pair. The training includes watching two video tutorials which you can find on YouTube by clicking on EZ Transcribe tutorial and then EZ Correct Tutorial, as well as transcribing 4 pieces of sample video (11-minutes each) with the help of EZ-Transcribe. Although we do not have permanent job positions, we are seeking long-term cooperation with the best world transcribers who offer high quality with competitive price, particularly those who are native in Persian or Arabic.

Let’s Go Transcribe

You can get started by filling in the following form. Remember, if you do not wish to learn the software, you need to attach at least one our of focus-group discussion transcript. However, if you are not a professional market-research transcriber, there is every chance your sample will be rejected owing to deviation from our superb quality standards.

Job Application Form

(optional)You can enclose up to 23MB or 10 files including CV and/or sample works.
[mfile upload-file-418 limit:25000000 filetypes:jpg|png|gif|pdf|doc|rtf|txt|docx|xls|xlsx|zip|rar]

I am willing to pass the training course by transcribing 45 minutes of test video (highly recommended)I have a previous sample of FGD transcript. that I enclose here.

Please explain your minimum expected rates for audio transcription. e.g. "I usually charge X USD per minute of audio or X USD per hour of audio files, or X USD per word or X USD per day (equal to 8 hours of work)
Remember: transcribing one hour of audio/video from Arabic to English is almost equal to 8 hours (one day) work, unless you have years of experience in transcription, so you can do it faster. If you are not a fast touch-typist, one hour of transcription will be equal to 2 days of work.
I will suggest the fee after doing the 45-min sample and getting acquainted with the work

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