Persian Subtitling

Persian subtitling is our specialty. If you are a media company with Persian audience, you can receive the best Persian subtitle quality from Iran Nopendar. Persian subtitle requires good proofreading. If you need Persian to English or Persian to Arabic subtitle, here’s when Iran Nopendar comes in. Other Persian Subtitle Writing Centers Before ordering your Read more about Persian Subtitling[…]


Subtitle is the written form of a video with special time-tags for playing with different media players. Iran Nopendar is particularly experienced in writing subtitle for movies and video clips. Our subtitle writers are native and you will receive the best subtitle and translation quality. Other Subtitle Writing Centers Before ordering your audio file translation Read more about Subtitle[…]

ESOMAR and Audio Transcription

ESOMAR, the European Social and Marketing Research Organization is the leading marketing research association in the world with many representatives in all countries. ESOMAR representatives carry out qualitative and quantitative research in diverse fields. In many qualitative research projects, they need audio transcription services. However, audio transcription for ESOMAR member requires high quality and accuracy, Read more about ESOMAR and Audio Transcription[…]


A subtitler is the person who writes subtitle for films and series. A good subtitler is the one with high typing skills, proofreading knowledge and/or translation capability. Iran Nopendar has the best experience as a subtitler company, which writes closed captions as well. Other Subtitler Centers Before ordering your audio file translation to IranNopendar, see Read more about Subtitler[…]

Persian Subtitling

Persian subtitling in Iran Nopendar is performed through native subtitle writers who are well-acquainted with Farsi literature. Persian subtitling requires good proofreading quality, particularly when the media is going to be broadcast. Persian Subtitling for Market and Media Research Iran Nopendar has worked with many representatives of ESOMAR in the field of Persian subtitling for Read more about Persian Subtitling[…]

Subtitle Production

Subtitle Production is among the main specialties of Iran Nopendar. Subtitle production is required for all the media, series, films and TV shows that have non-native or international viewers. The subtitles can also be written in the form of closed-captions, so the deaf can use it, and people can enjoy the show from a distance Read more about Subtitle Production[…]

Persian live subtitling

If you need best subtitling services for your live shows, IranNopendar offers the best quality and rates. We deliver your works in an average of 72 hours, but it is possible to deliver sooner in case of urgency. Before ordering your Persian subtitling projects to IranNopendar, see our sample works and compare our quality and Read more about Persian live subtitling[…]

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