Transcription as a Linguistic Term

From: Wikipedia, Transcription Linguistics Transcription in the linguistic sense is the systematic representation of language in written form. The source can either be utterances (speech or sign language) or preexisting text in another writing system. Transcription should not be confused with translation, which means representing the meaning of a source language text in a target Read more about Transcription as a Linguistic Term[…]

Transcription and Translation of Film and Audio

Transcription has various meanings in different filds including linguistics, music, genetics, etc. As a business and service, it means converting video or audio speech into text or representing the audio in a written form. Video and Audio Transcription Types There are various types of audio and video write-down in linguistics including: Orthographic transcription,a transcription method Read more about Transcription and Translation of Film and Audio[…]

Institutes and Organizations Cooperated With

Several universities including Tehran Univ., Sharif, Allameh, Malek Ashtar, Amir Kabir, Jame’at-ol-Mustafa, Imam Sadeq, Imam Hussain, Shahid Beheshti, and Azad Univ. Various ministries such as Oil Ministry, Defense, Culture, Industry, Labour, Teaching and Training, and Health Ministry International research institutes: Agah, Jame’e Negar, DTR, EMRC, Quest, Nikrad, Darvag, Nitra and Didgah Pardazan The High Council Read more about Institutes and Organizations Cooperated With[…]

Sample Works

Click on each file name to download. Should you have any problem downloading, try with another internet browser or click here. Contact us for further questions. Samples Of Audio and Video Transcription Transcriber: Javad Hoseini Film Dubbing and Voice-Over Persian and English Narrator: Javad Hoseini English to Persian Dubbing Sample Download video: MP4 format | Read more about Sample Works[…]

Contact Us

Tel/Fax: +98-71-36347903 Mobile: +98-935-416-7938 (Mr. Javad Hoseini) Address: Ma’aali Abad, Shiraz, Iran P.C: 7187755681 Email: javad2000[at]gmail[dot]com Quick Contact Form You can fill in the following form to contact us. It is recommended to include your phone number in the message. All messages are replied quickly, but if you don’t receive the answer or you are Read more about Contact Us[…]

Dubbing And Subtitling

Dubbing, Voice-over or narration is used for translating the voice rather than the script. If there is no need to convert the voice, subtitle can be added to the movie. More information is available on Farsi section. You might also see the sample works by clicking on the related menu in menu-bar. “; ?>

Welcome To Nopendar

Nopendar was founded on Nov, 23, 2008, aiming to work in the fields of translation, authoring, transcription, training, and research on various subjects particularly Information and Communication Technologies. At the moment, Nopendar main activities include transcription, translation and dubbing of audio/video files, which are done from Farsi to Farsi, Farsi to English, English to Farsi Read more about Welcome To Nopendar[…]

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