Cheap Persian to English Transcription

IranNopendar offers cheap or the cheapest Persian to English audio transcription. Our prices start from 18 USD per hour for Farsi to Farsi and from 25 USD per hour for Persian to English transcription. Other centers for Translation of Audio Files Before ordering your audio file translation to IranNopendar, see our sample works and compare Read more about Cheap Persian to English Transcription[…]

Persian (Farsi) Transcription starting at 21$/hour

We offer the best quality of Persian transcription. Our superb quality of Persian to Persian audio / video transcription with high accuracy and superb proof-reading starts at 21$/hour. Our best-quality of Persian to English transcolation (transcription-translation) starts at 31$/hour. Writing subtitles for movies and serials is our speciality as well.

Persian <-> English Audio Transcription for Market Research and Focus Group Discussions, 0.5$/min

When it comes to audio / video transcription services for market-research, qualitative research and focus-group discussions, Iran Nopendar is the top of mind for most companies. Our Persian to Persian , Persian to English , English to Persian transcription services come with high accuracy, proofreading and good speed. The prices of Persian to Persian services Read more about Persian <-> English Audio Transcription for Market Research and Focus Group Discussions, 0.5$/min[…]

Transcription as a Linguistic Term

From: Wikipedia, Transcription Linguistics Transcription in the linguistic sense is the systematic representation of language in written form. The source can either be utterances (speech or sign language) or preexisting text in another writing system. Transcription should not be confused with translation, which means representing the meaning of a source language text in a target Read more about Transcription as a Linguistic Term[…]

Transcription and Translation of Film and Audio

Transcription has various meanings in different filds including linguistics, music, genetics, etc. As a business and service, it means converting video or audio speech into text or representing the audio in a written form. Video and Audio Transcription Types There are various types of audio and video write-down in linguistics including: Orthographic transcription,a transcription method Read more about Transcription and Translation of Film and Audio[…]

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