Subtitle Production

Subtitle Production is among the main specialties of Iran Nopendar. Subtitle production is required for all the media, series, films and TV shows that have non-native or international viewers. The subtitles can also be written in the form of closed-captions, so the deaf can use it, and people can enjoy the show from a distance as well.

Subtitle Production As An Art

subtitle production is not only a skill, but also an art that requires creativity in design and transition effects. Subtitle Production also requires high accuracy in time coding and translation, as well as superb proofreading quality, when the media is produced for broadcast purposes.

Subtitle Production for Market Research Companies

The process of subtitle production for market-research companies is specially required for home-visits, where the environment needs to be recorded as a part of the qualitative research. We have worked with many ESOMAR representatives in this field.

Other centers for Translation of Audio Files

Before ordering your audio file translation to IranNopendar, see our sample works and compare our quality and price list with other translation / transcription / subtitling centers such as rev, happyscribe, rosettatranslation, quicktranscriptionservice, proz, lingualconsultancy, scriptscomplete, golocalise, translationdirectory, vanancaptioning, speechlogger, transcribeme, internettranscribers, multilingualconnections, OneHourTranslation, tomedes, transcription-services-us,,, taikatranslations, matinee, adeldistudio, adelpitranslations, persianexperts, protranslate,, gotranscript, scribie, transcriberly, waywithwords, speechpad, absolutetranslations, translatorthoughts, etc.

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