How is transcription done

Audio transcription is a matter of speed, proofreading, literature, grammar, spelling and translation skills. When you need an audio file to be transcribed, you have several ways of transcription: 1- transcribing yourself, 2- transcribing via machine software. 3- Have it done by a professional transcription center or a freelance transcriber.

How to transcribe an audio file myself

If you want to transcribe the audio file yourself, you need a word-processor software like MS-Word, and a good audio-player with global hotkeys for forward/rewind features as well as play/pause. You can also use more professional software such as Ez-Transcribe that combine the facilities of MS-Word with a media-player, so you will not have to switch between the two software.

How to do audio transcription via automatic audio to text convertes

There are various pieces of software that do machine transcription or machine subtitling. you can find their free or paid versions with a single Google search. Automatic online transcription, translation or subtitle writing is full of mistakes. youtube for instance, delivers a subtitle with several languages after 12 or 24 hours of submitting the video, but the quality is not as good as human transcription.

Professional audio transcription

When you have your audio files transcribed by experienced and trained transcribers, you receive the best quality, but this service is not free. You need to pay the costs.

Other centers for Translation of Audio Files

Before ordering your audio file translation to IranNopendar, see our sample works and compare our quality and price list with other translation / transcription / subtitling centers such as rev, happyscribe, rosettatranslation, quicktranscriptionservice, proz, lingualconsultancy, scriptscomplete, golocalise, translationdirectory, vanancaptioning, speechlogger, transcribeme, internettranscribers, multilingualconnections, OneHourTranslation, tomedes, transcription-services-us,,, taikatranslations, matinee, adeldistudio, adelpitranslations, persianexperts, protranslate,, gotranscript, scribie, transcriberly, waywithwords, speechpad, absolutetranslations, etc.

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