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EZ Transcribe: The First Software For Audio Transcription

A) Introduction

EZ Transcribe is particularly made for transcription (write down) of audio/video files. It is a combination of Windows Media Player and Wordpad.

The user can enjoy both Play/Pause and Rewind/Forward features in text editor environment. In this way the user won’t have to switch between a player and a text editor software while typing down the script of that Audio\Video file. The user assigns a step, say 7 seconds, and can take the file easily one step back or forward by pressing Ctrl+Arrow keys. This feature is called Study Mode and helps the user listen repeatedly to a phrase or part of the audio file. This is not only vital for transcribers, but also to learners of music and foreign languages. Only few software in the world have such features, but the features of EZ Transcribe are unique. The first version of EZ Transcribe was made in 2002 and it was not published or released by the developer until now. It was exclusively used for Nopendar Company transcriptions. The 33rd update is now available for download from our website. The downloadable version is Silver Version. In order to upgrade to Gold Version, the user can purchase an Activation Code ffrom Nopendar. All the features are active in Silver Version, but its text editor does not allow typing more than 200 letters. In Gold Version, there is no such limitation.

B) Download

[download id=”34″]

C) Features

  • 1- Supporting the playback of all compatible formats with Windows Media Player:
    asf, wma, wmv, wm, asx, wax, wvx, wpl, Wmx, dvr-ms, wmd, avi, mpg, mpeg, m1v, mp2, mp3, mpa, mpe, mpv2, m3u, mid, midi, rmi, au, snd, wav, cda, ivf, wmz, wms, mov, qt

    Plus AMR, MP4 and M4A, if the related codecs are installed on windows.

  • 2- Fast Review: displaying a list of all A\V files in each folder and playing them easily just by pressing Enter on each one.

  • 3- Auto Detect and playback of versatile A\V disks including VCD, Audio CD, Flash memory, etc.

  • 4- Adjustable Playback speed: Normal, Slow, and Fast speed of playing.

  • 5- Study Mode: Just assign a step and enjoy easy Rewind and Forward by pressing Arrow Keys. This is very helpful for those who need to listen to a phrase or part of file repeatedly, including transcribers and learners of foreign language and music.

  • 6- Adjustable Step: you can adjust the step of study mode both in seconds and minutes. By each time pressing Left or Right Arrow, your file goes one step forward or backward.

  • 7- EZ Player: Playing and Pausing the file easily just by pressing Enter or Space. You can also go to next or previous file easily just by pressing up or down arrow.

  • 8- Interval Play: If you activate interval play mode, it plays N second of file, then pauses for M seconds and continues the play again from O seconds before current position.

  • 9- Position Cursor: Easy back and forward using the sliding cursor, in addition to showing current position in minutes and seconds and total duration in minutes and seconds.

  • 10- Volume Adjustment

  • 11- Full Screen Mode

  • 12- Counter: If the user needs to count something, say the number of sentences they could not comprehend in the file, they can easily press + or – and a number goes up and down to count that thing for them.

  • 13- Last Mode Restore: When you start the program, it restores the last folder, last file, last position of file which you were listening to, last assigned step, last saved text file, or recovered unsaved file, if any.

  • 14- Keyboard-Friendly: All the features of this software, in addition to mouse, are accessible with keyboard shortcuts too.

  • 15- Compatible with JAWZ: All the features of this solution are compatible with JAWZ text-to-speech software so that they can be used by the blind too.

  • 16- Continuous play: if you activate this option, the player goes to next file when one file finishes.

  • 17- Text Editor: You can jot down the script of your A\V file in the same environment of your player. Text Editor is the main miracle of EZ Transcribe. In first page picture, you can see the text editor as a big white box. It has so many features itself, including writing the names of speakers, automatic repeat of repeated sentences, putting time tags beside speaker names, making subtitle files for Video DVDs, etc. A list of all text-editor features is available in Farsi section of this page. You can read the English manual of the software too for details.

    D) How to Upgrade to Gold Version

    If you have downloaded the silver version, you can install the software and go to Text Editor as explained in help file. Then press Activate. There you should enter the Activation Code you have purchased.

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