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Audio transcription is the process of typing down the text from an audio-visual media. The media includes a film, cassette, song, etc. An audio / video transcriber is the person who takes down the text of video clips into transcripts or translated movies. audio or Speech transcription is one of the several linguistic transcribing methods. (Read more about video transcription in Iran Nopendar)

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Transcription Meaning, definition and categories

audio transcription
Generally speaking, transcription means converting a medium into a more comprehensible medium. For instance, Visualizing a gene in a genetic transcription process, or translating a video clip into a target language are among common examples.
The best transcription services are those that enhance the original medium by making it most meaningful. At the same time, it should keep and evoke the same effect as the original concept for the audience. Transcription in biology is different from transcription in linguistics.
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Transcription in the Sense of Linguistics

video transcription
Transcription as a linguistic term is the written form of a language. For example, it might come from speech, audio, video, images or other media. Additionally, Linguistic transcription sometimes comes with proofreading, translation and/or other value-added services. Those additional services are for instance Graphical designing, categorization, summarization or narration. Dubbing, voice-over, subtitling, transliteration are also available. However, the term should not be confused with those separate areas.
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What is the best audio transcription service?

The best transcription service is what represents the original language in the form that evokes the same influence as the main source or medium.
Transcription is an essential part of documentation process in systematic works. For instance, qualitative research, linguistic analyses and court recording require turning into transcripts. Additionally, all kinds of publications, archiving systems and keeping medical records are among the other examples.
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Transcription Services

A transcription service is the business of converting speech to text. The audio is either live or recorded. Obviously, an audio or video transcriber needs good typing and linguistic skills. Thus, this job is not just a matter of typing the speech, but a matter of understanding the concept. Student transcription services are usually cheaper than professional audio transcription.
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The history of transcribing auditive media

audio transcription
Before 1970, transcription was a difficult job. At that time, secretaries had to write down the speech as they heard it. They used advanced contraction and abstraction skills such as shorthand. Moreover, they had to be at the location where the service was required. However, with the introduction of tape cassettes and portable recorders in the late 1970s, the work became much easier and new possibilities emerged.
Currently, voice writing and converting speech to text are trending businesses. It helps industries and organizations archive their audible media in the form of editable, searchable and analyzeable text. Additionally, Machine Audio transcription can be achieved via speech recognition technologies. However, the best subtitling and speech to text services are delivered via professional human transcribers with the help of CAT and audio transcription software.
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Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is a general term used for transcribing video, audio, songs or any other auditive media into a textual format. Generally, the final transcript includes Word documents, SRT subtitles, etc.

Which one to choose: The best or the Cheapest Transcription Service?

Both expensive and cheap transcription services are available for converting your audio into text. Online cheap transcription services are offered at lowest rates for students and personal projects.
Higher quality of transcribing services might come with proofreading and time-coding. Moreover, Multi-lingual services and specialist-terminology or knowledge are the key to the success of a technical transcriber. Such professional audio transcription is usually helpful for institutes and organizations. Qualitative research and seminars, for instance, usually require the best transcribers.
The best quality of focus group discussion transcript is essential for marketing research as well. Similarly, universities and state organizations seek the best transcriber for their public meetings and conferences. A cheap transcriber also helps transcribe interviews for small journals and private journalists.
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Experience new ideas with IranNopendar

IranNopendar is among the leading human speech write down centers. It uses the best transcription assistive software as well. IranNopendar transcribes all sorts of films and meeting audio to text. Its patented CAT called Ez-Transcribe is the only one in the world that allows blind typists and linguists to work as professional transcribers with good income.
The source files might include audio or video versions of interviews, meetings and conferences. Similarly, seminars and focus group discussions are definite clients of those speech to text services. Example of marketing research audio are In-depth interviews, home visits and focus group discussions. In addition, TV/Radio shows, movie production centers and the producers of TV series are good clients for this trending business.
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Audio transcription software

Transcription software is a CAT for converting audio into text. More clearly, it helps typing dictated audio or preparing meeting transcripts.
A transcription machine is a piece of hardware that both records audio and has special features for converting audio or video to text.
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